The Ascent Project

The Ascent Group is a “not for profit” provider of services for the disabled in Armidale.


The Rotary Club of Armidale Central has had a longstanding association with Ascent. The books that are donated by the Armidale community for our annual Book Fair are not all suitable for resale and are taken to the Ascent Facility in the Acacia Park Industrial area for shredding. The Rotary volunteers do this twice a week and naturally a friendship has been forged.


Armidale Central Rotarian Ken Gilbert also volunteers in the workshop at Acacia Park. He has initiated a scheme whereby the disabled workers are invited to attend our weekly Rotary meetings where we meet for fellowship and usually listen to a guest speaker. Most of the workers at Ascent have limited social contact with the outside world and have enthusiastically accepted our invitation.


This has been a great experience for our Club members and Ascent workers alike. In March 2015 all the Ascent workers were awarded a Friend of Rotary badge which they accepted with pleasure.


Ascent not only provides employment but they also train their workers. Some individuals develop skills that translate into employment in the general workforce. One such skill is the use of a forklift. Unfortunately the training subsidy provided by government to disability services like Ascent  has ceased and the organisation no longer has the funds to offer the required training in forklift driving.


The Rotary Club of Armidale Central has been able to use some of the funds raised by its Book Fair to provide $4,000 to train five Ascent workers in forklift driving. This has been welcomed warmly by both workers and staff at Ascent.


We see our relationship with this organisation expanding in the future, ensuring that the funds that we raise through events like the Book Fair keep working for the Armidale community.